Qi Gong Übungskurse

Entdecken und lernen Sie für sich die Methode des Nei Gong. Wir bieten Ihnen attraktive Kurse an, die auch von den Krankenkassen gefördert werden . 

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Nei Gong - Qi Gong?

Wörtlich übersetzt bedeutet „Nei Gong“ etwa: 'innere Übung' oder auch: 'Bearbeitung des Inneren'.h die Methode des Nei Gong. Wir bieten Ihnen attraktive Kurse an. 

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  Excursion to the Alps with guidance
by Grand Master Mr. Chunjin Xiong

Dolomiten ©A.Jedynak - Fotolia.com

September 10th to 17th, 2016


The Alps form the highest and most extensive mountain range in Europe. Like a mighty dragon they wind through the continent collecting heavenly and earthly Qi, thus forming the main energy source within Europe. The Alps bring impulse as well as economic activity and nurture all living beings.

Within the Alps the five elements prevail. The white snow conveys metal Qi, the waters convey water Qi, the forests convey wood Qi, and so forth. Every single living being, be it human or a mountain range, possesses the five energies and thus the five “inner organs”. South Tyrol forms the heart of the Alps.

An old Chinese saying goes: “Mountains nurture men; water brings economic activity.” We will experience nature, witness the Alps’ energy, and nurture our souls and bodies.

Most sensory organs obtain energies from earthly Qi as well as its quality. With this excursion we’ll learn to regulate our sensory organs by the means of Wu Wei, calmness, and relaxation. Furthermore we train to feed on the Alps’ energy, experience nature and communicate with it. We aim to sense heavenly and earthly energies and absorb them.

From September 10th to 17th Laozi-Dao Academy organizes an excursion to the Alps. Our founder Grand Master Mr. Xiong will personally accompany us and will open the Alps’ energy gate as well as introduce us to the method “man follows nature’s rule”.

We are delighted to invite you to join us on our way of cultivation and enhancing Xing and Ming.

Topic: "Man follows earth’s rule"

Departure: From Berlin to Meran via bus on September 10th, 8 AM (location follows shortly)

Return: From Meran to Berlin via bus on September 17th, 8 AM

Fees incl. accommodation for 7 days, travel costs, support/lectures etc.

  • Single bedroom: 935 Euro per person (only 7 available)
  • Double bedroom: 825 Euro per person (only 9 available)
  • Triple bedroom: 750 Euro per person (only 3 available)
  • Five board apartment € 720.00 per person (only 1 app. available)

Limited number of participants! Only 8 beds left!

With your application we reserve your seat for 2 weeks. Please transfer aforementioned fees to our bank account within this period of time. Elsewise your reservation will expire.

Application deadline: May 31st, 2016
Cancellation without cancellation fee: until May 31st, 2016

If you booked, you must pay until 31st of May 2016. If you pay later we charge an extra of € 50,00! After July it is very difficult to find beds and it will cost a lot more! 

-Seminar is fully booked-

für money transaction:

Bank details:
Deutsche Bank AG Berlin
Account holder: Laozi Dao Akademie gGmbH
IBAN: DE65 1007 0024 0012 1970 01


BiGu English

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The Fasting in the Dao Cultivation
is now appeared in English.

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